Sunday, April 4, 2010

What team are you on???

A friend had a get together on Friday night for a few of us that hadn't seen New Moon yet (tragedy, I know, but that's what having toddlers at home will get you!).    We all had definite "teams" so I decided to make sure I could tell who was on my "team"  --  So what team are you on - Team Jacob (woo!) or Team Edward (boo!) ??

All the Team Jacob (TJ) ladies got this lovely tag for their drink:

Team Edward ladies got this one:

I used Animal Kingdom for the Jacob tag. No it's not a wolf. There isn't one (why not??) so this one had to suffice.  I am ashamed to tell you it's a skunk with no stripe :-)   I used Paper Dolls dress up for the vampire head.  And the font -- isn't it amazing?? -- is Pop Princess from the Hannah Montana cart!

Ahhhh crafts and Twilight. What better combination? :-)

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  1. Team both! I go back and forth depending on my mood (or chapter :) I'll just take both of them in the same room with me LOL