Friday, April 9, 2010

ABC Book #2

Some random letters that I have finished :-)

D - Dinosaur

P - Piggie, of course
(if you know E, you know she's OBSESSED with Piggies)

U - Umbrella (with some storm clouds that I am so proud of!)

X - X-Ray. I'm proud of this one, it wasn't an obvious solution for X!

The Dinosaur is from Paper Dolls Dress up
The Pig is from Animal Kingdom
The umbella/clouds/raindrops are from Everyday Paper Dolls
The X Ray is:  a paper doll and the skeleton Halloween costume from Paper Dolls Dress Up. I cut the head and hands off of the skeleton costume. Then I used Accent Essentials for the rectangle frame!

So I'm moving right along on the book.  My cards have taken up a lot of my time, but I plan on spending some time working on the book this weekend! Yay for stormy weather :-)

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