Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crafty Halloween

My little girl decided she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story for Halloween this year. My mom never bought my costumes and I always said I wouldn't buy costumes for my kids either, but this one threw me for a loop! Such a detailed character - could I do it justice if I made it myself?

I decided to take some artistic license with it. Instead of Jessie's chaps and jeans, I wanted to make a cute ruffle cow print skirt and a blue tutu.  I haven't ever made a skirt from scratch before, so this was a super challenge!

This ruffle almost got the best of me...  but I won.

I bought a plain white shirt from Walmart for the costume. I had some lemon yellow vinyl lying around and used a craft knife to cut the shape from Jessie's shirt.  Then I hot glued red roping in the design from her shirt.  I sewed some big white buttons on it and (of course I don't have a picture) made a pull ring on her back (shower ring + ribbon!) 

I LOVE the way the bias tape looks in this picture! This is also something I've never worked with, but I couldn't be happier about how it turned out.

Of course, having a Jessie it only made sense to have a Woody too! I was lucky to find the most PERFECT yellow button down shirt at a local resale shop.  I made his vest by tracing a sweater vest that fits him now and adding a few inches for seams. It was a pretty straight forward project, and really the only thing I made for his outfit.  Both belts are made from fun foam!

My little Jessie!

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