Monday, July 12, 2010

"Recycling" crayons

Do your kids collect restaurant crayons like mine does? Or break her good Crayolas regularly?  I have been hanging onto them for an unknown reason, until I realized we could recycle them!

I decided to melt them down and give them as part of E's "treat bags" for her BFF birthday party!

Some of them were very beautiful on the bottom. 

But I haven't figured out how to make the TOPS beautiful yet :-)

All we did was take the paper off of the crayons and put them in silicone muffin cups (I don't like them to bake with, so they were donated to the arts this week.)  I put them in our toaster oven on 250 until they were all melted (about 25 minutes).  Let them cool and pop them out - voila! Recycled crayons!

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