Monday, May 31, 2010

Paper Challenge

I was out of ideas of things to work on the other night. I was paging through my (obscene) amount of paper and found this lovely (not) number.

So I sat down and challenged myself to make it ... palatable. Not pretty (doubt that's possible), not useful necessarily. Just not so offensive to your optical nerves.

I came up with this:

I used a flower cut from Accent Essentials. I started cutting the flower at 3.5" and went down in increments of 1/4". I did this for the "ugly" paper as well as a pool blue color. I then picked the sizes I wanted to use and started layering. Once I figured out how I wanted to piece it together, I used a gold ink to ink the edges of each layer. I pop dotted the final 2-3 layers and added a pearl in the center for "pretty-ness".

All in all, I think I did ok in making a *really* bad piece of paper easier on the eyes!

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  1. LOL... I don't think the paper was as bad as all THAT, but I love that flower ;-)